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Intelligent Hydraulics


Triple H

Energy saving retro-fit conversions

            should cost no more than the fuel or energy

   saved in the first year of operation (2000 hrs) with a

                      typical 10000 hr service life


Run one of these ?

Refuse vehicle picture in background

Typical domestic bin lifting refuse vehicle could save up to 25% fuel plus increasing productivity

Want to know how link

Why replace perfectly servicable equipment to acheive better cost efficiancy

when a retro fit conversion could do the same at a fraction of the cost.

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Advanced power (flow) control - Motive (diesel )

Pilot operated relief valve sensing & unloading valves

Underpowered applications - Hi Low   Variable displacement pump

    power   control

Variable displacement pump - pressure control & load sensing

Cleaner cooler hydraulic oil - longer component service life

Components available

Electrical motor power pump flow load sensing